Careers Programme

CVVID Careers is a technological enterprise and employability resource for young people designed to support them develop and articulate their career aspirations. By engaging in the process of creating a video CV, learners will enhance soft skills; gain insight into job readiness; grow their knowledge and awareness of employer expecta- tions; and develop their confidence and motivation.

CVVID Careers Module aims to help learners:

  • Think deeper about their career options and paths
  • Improve their presentation skills
  • Increase their confidence
  • Create and form their career identity
  • Prepare them for life beyond their education

Central to the round interview. Creating a video CV gives potential employers or decision makers an insight into a learner's per- sonality, interests, goals and characteristics which are all important when they are choosing the most suitable can- didate. It also allows learners to showcase themselves in the best possible light. Accompanying the technology platform, we have devised a comprehensive Careers Module differentiated for use in school, FE and HE contexts. It comprises of the following:

  • Online careers pathways tool
  • Curriculum mapped careers program
  • Video creation app
  • Employer engagement tool
  • Online skills development tool
  • Practitioner teaching and learning resource toolkit
  • Access to Digital Entrepreneur Vlogger Ambassador (DEVA) Network
  • Mixed reality (Virtual and Augmented) simulation of different industry sectors, giving students an insight into the different careers and professions including the most popular of all- what it is like to be an astronaut!

How CVVID Careers Addresses Gatsby Careers Guidance Benchmarks

In 2013, the Gatsby Foundation commissioned Sir John Holman to research how career guidance in England could be improved and subsequently developed The Gatsby Benchmarks for Good Careers Guidance. This has been adopted by Government as the exemplary standard by which all careers guidance should be measured. Though principally designed for school and college settings, according to Government Careers Strategy (2017), plans are afoot to extend the Gatsby Benchmarks to universities. Emphasis is being laid on career guidance sup- port targeted at improving graduate outcomes for students from disadvantaged backgrounds and hard-to-reach backgrounds.

The benchmarks and how CVVID Careers can help you achieve them are outlined in the table below:

1. A Stable Careers Programme

Designed to be a complete careers and enterprise solution for a school, college or University offering a holistic, flexible, progressive and inclusive programme for learners. It encompasses an online platform, digital platform, practitioner teaching and learning toolkit and CPD modules to enable it to be embedded fully within an institu- tion. The digital platform facilitates monitoring and evaluation of learner performance and programme delivery.

2. Learning From Career and Labour Market Information

CVVID has arisen from the need to respond to the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the changing landscape of the world of work. It also reflects changes to the workforce including the emergence of the gig economy and portfo- lio careers. It offers clear synergies with digital, creative and technology sectors and institutions with a strong STEM grounding.

3. Addressing the Needs of Each Student

Most online Careers and Enterprise provision is generic, however CVVID Careers has been specifically designed with Diversity and Inclusion, Widening Participation and Social Mobility in mind. In so meeting the needs of the most disadvantaged students, it naturally caters for the most able also.

4. Linking Curriculum Learning to Careers

CVVID Careers is mapped across all School (Key Stage), College (post 16) and University (4 & 5) curriculum levels. For Schools and Colleges it can specifically impact on Pupil Premium and OFSTED Measures; for Colleges it impacts on Functional Skills and Employability, Enrichment and Pastoral (EEP) measure. For Universities, it can improve NSS scores and DLHE results.

5. Encounters with Employers and Employees

CVVID Carers offers a unique Video creation app which enables learners to create their own Video CV. This safely and securely integrates with the online employer engagement platform to connect learners with suitable employers. The employer engagement tool can be customised to meet the local needs and dynamics of economic communities to enable closer collaboration between institutions, industry and small businesses.

6. Experiences of Workplaces

CVVID Careers has rendered selected digital, creative and technology professions into Mixed Reality simulations giving students an insight into the different industries and careers which will form part of the new landscape of work.

7. Encounters with Further and Higher Education

The Digital Entrepreneurs Vlogger Ambassador (DEVA) network is currently being delivered in partnership with University of Salford and Media City. It provides learners with the opportunity to engage with successful and famous social media influencers through facilitated workshops and study visits to the most advanced creative, digi- tal and technology facilities within Higher Education Institutions.

8. Personal Guidance

We recognise that every learner is unique which is why CVVID Careers has been designed to be a flexible re- source, readily tailored towards the needs of the learners. We use technology, such as machine learning, to adapt the system to their preferences. The online careers pathway and skills development tools enable learners to work at their own speed.