About Us

As an innovative, dynamic educational technology social enterprise in the UK, CVVID Careers raises aspirations, skills levels and motivation of young people aged 13-21 years old. Additionally, we support educational institutions and training providers develop their capability and infrastructure to deliver more effective Careers, Employability and Enterprise programmes.

Together with industry partners, CVVID Careers deliver transformative and immersive technologically enabled learning experiences for young people to enhance their personal development and employability skills. By con- necting them to inspirational work and educational progression opportunities we endeavour to give them the best chance to succeed in life and at work.

As an educationalist, do these careers and employability challenges sound familiar?

  • There is not enough time within the academic timetable to fully support your students reach their goals?
  • Careers and employability resources and materials fail to inspire your students?
  • Existing resources insufficiently cater for the diverse abilities, backgrounds and preferences of your students?
  • Budget constraints prevent introduction of innovative new technology e.g. Virtual Reality?
  • Students struggle to produce high quality CVs and University or job applications?

With over XX years' experience in careers advice and guidance, youth engagement, education and training, re- cruitment, web and app development, CVVID Careers help institutions and organisations of all sizes with innova- tive programmes capable of being deployed in a range of contexts and to address a range of issues: employability, diversity and inclusion, social mobility and widening participation.

We draw on our network of xx schools and colleges and our membership of xx young people to solve your chal- lenges whilst at the same time helping young people take critical progression and life choices.